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Shri Krishna Pranami Mandir, Jaipur


(Established: 1947 A. D.)

After the partition of the country in 1947, Sunder-saath who were living in the villages of western provinces of Pakistan such as Mintgoomari, Bahawalnagar, Kamaliya, Pakpatan, etc. moved to Jaipur.  Maharaj Shri Krishnadev Shastriji (Vyakaranacharya) who was the successor of the throne (gaadi) of Pakpatan, called upon sunder-saath of Jaipur to reunite.  They rented a house and founded a small temple in the Maniram Kothi which is near a place called Haldiyon-ka-raasta where sunder-saath could come visit the temple, have glimpses of the Lord, and get religious lessons from Shri Krishnadev Shastriji.  A Youth Association was formed under his guidance and a weekly Satsang (a place where people can get together and share their religious knowledge and discuss topics on different aspects of the religion) was started.

During this time, the state government also started the rehabilitation program for the refugees.  With the help of all the sunder-saathji, a name was registered in the name of Pranami Panchayat and the state government was contacted for rehabilitating about 150 Pranami families in Gurunankpura.

Sunder-saathji felt for a need of a temple after they settled down in the Pranami Block.  The Pranami Panchayat obtained this present place of the temple from the state government and started to construct it with the help of local and outside suder-saathji.  The construction began in 1954-55 and was completed in 1960 in the form a holy temple.  During all these stages of construction, sunder-saath of Jaipur had given their whole-hearted support.  Despite the fact that sunder-saathji were in economic and other crisis due to the partition of the country, they kept working together to achieve this noble religious cause.  With the blessing of Shri Rajji, their situation got better afterwards and they kept expanding the temple.

Today, the Pranami Samaj (community) of Jaipur has a very distinct recognition.  Many sunder-saathji of Jaipur have their own businesses and many of them are involved in various activities.  Every year they celebrate Holi, Maharaja Chhatrasal Jayanti, Krishna Janmashtami, Shri Prannath Jayanti, Shri Nijanand Swami Janma Jayanti, and other occasions in Jaipur which draws attention of the people living in Jaipur and surrounding places.  The Pranami Panchayat of Jaipur sponsors many programs and activities such as: support for education, religious discourses, and other programs that benefit the society.  Today there are about 700 pranami families living in Jaipur and they provide their strong support in activities and programs carried on by the Pranami Panchayat and spreading the word of Shri Prannathji through many religious activities.  Currently they are providing the following facilities in Jaipur area:

  • Shri Prannath Pranami Vidhyalaya, a water hut, proving parks etc. on occasions such as marriages etc.
  • A library, food and living accommodations for sundersathji who visit Jaipur temple.