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Shri Mangal Dham, Kalimpong, Darjeeling


Amidst the splendour of beauty and the fragrance of flowers, stands Kalimpong at an altitude of 4500 ft. It's the river Relli which meanders down the valley of the lush green hills and the glimpses of snow-capped Himalayan Ranges to the north that enhances the enchantment of the place, attracting thousands of tourists with seasons as no bar. Life obviously becomes varied and colorful because the inhabitants comprise of various ethnic groups, who have learnt to live in peace and in harmony.

In the year 1940, our beloved Guruji, Shri 108 Mangaldasji Maharaj arrived at Kalimpong. Little had he realised that this place would create a profound impact in his mind. The impact was do deep that he decided to select this place for unfolding his cherished dreams. Dreams so divine to serve the people by way of constructing schools, orphanages, and temples. He was a soul so dedicated to the cause of the innocent and needy.

A lavish tribute would still fall short to a soul so divine. Nevertheless "Mangal Dham" is a memorial built in this divine memory in 1993.

Sprawling over an area of two acres, "Mangal Dham" is considered to be one of the most splendid temples in India. It is the ground floor of the Dham, where lies the "samadhi" of our revered Guruji. The prayer hall is on the top floor, where we find the idol of Raj Shyamaji, flanked on either side by the Revered Prannath and Shri 108 Guru Mangaldasji. Both the sides of the prayer hall has a vivid picturesque story of Nijanandacharya Shri Devchandraji, meeting Lord Krishna, Rev. Prannathji blessing the brave Bundela Chhatrasal Maharaj and other scenes from the Krishna Leela.