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Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham, Jamnagar, Gujarat


navtanpuriShri 5 Navtanpuri Dham, Jamnagar and its sacred places:
It is in Jamnagar district of the Gujarat state. Earlier Jamnagar was known as Navanagar which was established by Jam Raval in Vikram Samvat 1596.
According to the tradition at the end of Dvapar when Shri Krishna was going to Vaikunth leaving Dvaraka he asked Arjun to shift the residents of Dvaraka from there. Krishna knew that after great departure Dvaraka would get immerged in the sea. After the departure of Krishna, Arjun shifted all the residents from there and kept them in a desert place where a town was formed and the name it took was Navanagar which afterwards became Jamnagar.

As we know with a craving to search the supreme essence, Swami Shri Devchandraji went to Kutch - Bhuj and from there came to Jamnagar. Swamiji reached here at the age of 26 and stayed here with his parents. For fourteen years he listened to the discourses of Shrimad Bhagavat given by of an excellent scholar Shri Kanji Bhatt. After an acid test Parabrahma Parmatma Shri Krishna gave his 'darshan' to Shri Devchandraji and said - "You are the pious soul of Sundarbai the divine Supreme abode. Other Souls have also descended on this world to see the mortal sports. I give you this Tartam Mantra to awaken all the souls and take them all to the supreme abode.

Shri Rajmandir is a place in Jamnagar where Shri Devachandraji lived with his parents and listened to the discourses of Shrimad Bhagvata for fourteen years. Shri Chakla Mandir is the house of Shri Gangjibhai who was the first disciple of Devachandraji. Shri Shyamji Mandir is very ancient and here the idol of Shyam Banke Bihari is worshipped. It was here that Shri Devchandraji listened to the discourses of Shrimad Bhagavat from the scholar Kanji Bhatt. Foot-prints and photographs of Shri Devchandraji are still kept there. Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham (Shri Khijada Mandir) was founded by Nijanand Swami Shri Devchandraji. Shri Krishna Pranami religion was founded on this pious land.

Formerly it was a garden. According to the tradition once Shri Devchandraji went to the garden. He took a small twig of a Khijda tree and cleaned his teeth by it and then tearing into two, planted them into the ground. During the course of time they grew in to big trees and both the trees are still attached to the main wall of the shrine. The devotees visit it to get their desire fulfilled and return with pleasure. This is the reason that the temple is famous by the name 'Khijda Mandir' all around. Gadi Orado is a place of three rooms. In the middle is adorned the divine throne of the revered preceptor and so it is known as Gadi Orada. Jamunajino Kuvo is a place where the revered preceptor had decribed the Advait-absolute abode [Paramdham] to Sunder Sath. Hearing the divine description of the water of Jamuna, Sunder Sath expressed the desire of drinking that water. Drawing a line with his finger the preceptor described the original place of Jamuna and at once the water of Jamuna was seen there. It is therfore called Jamunajino Kuvo.

Shrijinun Medi Mandir is the birth place of Mahamati Prananathji. Worship is performed here daily, in the morning and evening. Sadguru Samadhi is a place where Shri Devchandraji left this earthly abode and so this is famous as Sadguru Samadhi Mandir. Nau Deri is a place where the funeral of the religious parents of Shri Devachandraji Maharaj was performed.