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Viratpat Darshan

Viratpat Darshan is one of the four subjects (Viz. Tartam Sagar, Vitak, Viratpat Darshan and Charchani) which constitute the course of study of the Pranami Dharma. It can be considered as the Jewel of Spiritual knowledge. It will not be an exaggeration to call it the Essence of the Spiritual Strength of great spiritual giants, the gift of Tartamya knowledge, and the splendour of inspiration-filled thoughts of Para Brahma. Although it is not the inherited-property of any particular Sampraday and is the secret-milking of the essence of Self-experience, and the knowledge of the Vedas-Upanishads-Puranas, Para Vidya and Brahma Vidya; yet, its complete enquiry has been done through Tartamya knowledge,. Hence, it finds its place among the books presented by Shriman Nijanand Acharya to reveal the manifestation of Tartam in front of society in general.


The circular form shown uppermost in the chart, is that of Poornabrahma Parmatma's Eternal, Undivided Paramdham. In the scriptures this has been called as Brahmadham, Divine Brahmapur Dham, Aksharatit Dham, etc.

Poorna Brahma Paramatma Shri Rajji, is the Sacchidanand Divine non-dual Chidghan-form. HE performs His Blissful Eternal Lila along with His Brahmatmas in the Divine Paramdham. Shri Shyamaji, the Brahmatmas and 25-winged Paramdham manifest out of HIS Bliss-portion. Akshar Brahma is out of His Sat-portion which is His child-nature, i.e. is considered as His child-form. Shri Shyamaji, the Brahmatmas, Dham-Paramdham, Akshar Brahma, are all the limb-forms of Poorna Brahma Himself. Although depicted as separate in the field of Lila, they are not separate from Poorna Brahma. That is why, Poorna Brahma Paramatma has been called 'SvaLila Advait' along with His Eternal Lila.

Through his playful-surata the child-form Akshar Brahma creates numerous Universes within a fraction of a second; and in the same way dissolves those Universes also. This entire Universe has emerged out of Akshar only.

'TathaaĆ¹ksharat Sambhavateeha Vishvam',

'Nainake Paav Palmen Isarat, Kai Koti Brahmanda upajat Khapat'.

Poorna Brahma Paramatma sent His Brahmatmas into the Akshar-created creation (perishable drama) in a Surata-form, in order to make them realise the original Bliss of the Divine Paramdham's Eternal Glory and subsequently to make them more Bliss-intoxicated ! HE had to also make Aksharbrahma personally experience the Brahmanandamayi Lilas.

In the Chart, Yamunaji, the location of Poorna Brahma Paramatma's Blissful sport arena, has been shown in front of Rang Mahal (Colorful Mansion). In front towards the East there is Akshardham.

When Aksharbrahma (playfully) visualises to create the Universes, - in order to picturise his inner state, Aksharbrahma has been shown in the Virat-form below the circle in the chart. His mind, intellect, chitta and Ego have an immortal form. He is considerd as a four-fold power. His mind is 'Satswaroop'; intellect is 'Keval Brahma' (in which Paramdham's Blissful Lila is reflected); chitta is 'Sabalik Brahma' and Ego is 'Avyakrit Brahma'. Avyakrit is also called the 4th quarter. It is through this Avyakrit that the universes are created; just as the mind visualises, intellect resolves, chitta contemplates and Ego transforms into action. Aksharbrahma's four-fold powers are described in the forth coming pages.

As soon as Aksharbrahma imagines of creating Universes, his mind gleams forth with pleasure; the pervasiveness of his chitta knows no bounds ! The amplification of his imagination is called as 'Delusory-waters' (Mohajal) by the Scriptures. It is in this Mohajal that Aksharbrahma's imagination floated in the form of a golden-egg for thousands of years. During the course of time, when it hatched, a Divine personage manifested from it. There was water and nothing but water all around him. By virtue of his abode being in water itself, he got baptised as 'Narayan', (Nar=water, Ayan=abode). He found himself to be alone, and fantasied that, "I am one' May I become many !" - with this fantasia, he manifests in the forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar seperately.

In the chart, the bottom porton is shown in an Oval (egg) shape. This is called as 'Universe' (Brahmanda). This is the Gross-body of Bhagavan Narayan. there are 14 worlds within it. Covering these 14 worlds there are Eight Sheaths. In the 'Gita' these coverings (sheaths) are called as 'Bhinna Prakriti' also. At the bottom most portion of the 14 worlds, there is the 'ocean of womb-water' (garbhodak ocean). Sheshasai Narayan, who is bearing the entire burden of the Universe, reclines here. The expanse of even this one Universe, is unmeasurable. Aksharbrahma creates and dissolves countless such Universes in a fraction of a second !