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Brief Life Sketch
Swami Sadanandji Maharaj

s1India is a land of great saints, sages and seers. From time to time great personalities who are incarnation of God have taken birth in India. Such great Souls lead the people engrossed in the web of materialism towards the path of spritualism. They lead mankind from darkness of ignorance to light, from vices to virtues, from falsehood to truth. It is very diffcult to put into words the virtues and kind deeds performed by such great souls. Their divinity is itself their introduction.


The holy Ganges can wash away all our sins. The moon can soothen the disturb mind and the kalptaru can remove all the devilish tendencies in man. It is impossible to find all these three qualities in a single individual except saints who have power to provide everlasting peace and happiness. Such great persons deliver people from the cycle of birth and death.


Shri 108 Shri Sadanandji Maharaj was born in a Khandelwal Brahmin family of Jui village of Bhiwani District in Harayana.He has rendered Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah for almost Five Hundred Fifty times in various villages and cities. He has provided peace an solace to the countless distressed human beings with his sweet calm and composed voice. His place of orations turns into an oceans of humanity. The melodius tune recited in between the oration (katha) not only arouses a sacred feeling amoungst the devotees but also sends them into raptures. It also helps in creating a feeling of faith, love, and devotions in the heart of listners and makes their lives tension free. Not only India but the whole world feels proud of a Saint of your stature.

The revered Maharajji is busy day in and day out in inculating to a sense of spiritualism in people. He keeps touring every nook and corner of the Country to achive this end. The main services rendered by him in this direction are as follows:


1. Spiritual Service :

He has inspired people to setup temples in Vrindavan, Haridwar, Bhiwani, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Calcutta, Patna etc.where people in large number attend satsangs and devote time in the worship of God.

2. Mahila Ashram :

Such Ashrams are being run at places like Bhiwani, Siliguri, Calcutta, Kameri etc.where special pains are taken to help the weak and destitute women.

3. Educational Centers :

For the Educational and individual development,many school,college , Sanskrit colleges and Public schools are being run at various places under his guidence and supervision of all country.

20 KM stone, NH-65 , Hisar-Rajgarh Road, Chaudharywas, Hisar

Courses: B.Tech in CSE, ME, Civil Engg, & ECE.
Director: Mr. Nitin Kathuria
Contact No: 09215200072

4. Health Centers :

Under the patronage of respected Maharaj Ji Eye Camps,General Health Centers,Blood Donation Camps are organised from time to time.Hospital have been opened at many places and mobile Hospital also render services in rural areas.

5. Sewing Centers :

Vocational training is imparted to poor women in sewing, knitting embroidry at various centers,so that they can earn their own livelihood and become self relient.

6. Cow Sheds :

Such sheds are being set up for old and orphaned cows at places like Kamery, Bhiwani,Siliguri etc.

7. Orphange :

To give refuge to orphans a number of orphans Centers are being run at various places in India.

8. Home For Old :

Similiary to lend and helping hand tothe old and the destitue, homes are being run at so many places throughout the country.

9. Arrangements of Marriages :

Community marriages ae solemnised to help the poor without dowry under his direction.

10. Polio Corrective Camps :

Free Polio Corrective Surgery Camps are organised in India at various places.Till April 2000 Twenty four Polio Corrective Surgery Camps have been organised at various places in India in which approximately Seven Thousand Polio Patients have been operated.

11. Shrimad Bhagwad Katha :

Inorder to infuse religious feelings in people at large his holiness keep visiting different places all over India and foreign Countries.Consequently people feel enlightened,free of tension and experience divine bliss.They are impressed by his humilitiy elocution and learning and experience a bond of affinity with you.



Main Institution Run By Swamiji:

1. Kalimpong :

Shree Krishna Pranami Balika Sewa Ashram.
(Mandir, High school, Goshala etc.) Mangal Dham, Raily Road
Ph.: 03552-55891

2. Jui :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir and School
Ph.: 01664-87651.

3. Bhiwani :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir
(Jan Kalyan Ashram, High School, Sanskrit College, Goshala, Free Dispensary) Dadri Gate
Ph.: 01664-43302

4. Siliguri :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir
(Bal Sewa Ashram, Brahmachari Ashram, Sanskrit College, High School, Goshala etc.) Sewak Road
Ph.: 0353-423828

5. Vrindavan :

Shree Krishna Pranami Paramdham
Goshala Road
, Attalla Chungi
Ph.: 0565-443278

6. Calcutta :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir
35-A/1-C,Moti Lal Vaishak Lane, Kakurgachi
Ph.: 033-3217006

7. Haridwar :

Shree Krishna Pranami Nijdham
Saptsarovar Marg, Haridwar
Ph.: 0133-427216

8. Kaimri :

Shree Krishna Pranami Bal Sewa Ashram
Kaimri, Hisar
Ph.: 01662-67327

9. Sunder-Garh :

Shree Krishna Pranami Jan Kalyan Ashram
(School, Adivasi Kalyan Kendra) Bhitariya Para
Ph.: 06622-73193

10. Delhi :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir and Satsang Bhavan
Pocket G-20, Sector 7, Rohini
Ph.: 011-7052861

11. Patna :

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir
Ph.: 0612-234468

12. Raipur :

Shree Prannath Mission, Jan Kalyan Ashram and Cancer Hospital
Sammati Nagar
Ph.: 0771-524969,526470

13. Nepal :

Shree Krishna Pranami Muktidham
Ph.: 0097725-80833

14. Begusarai :

Shree Krishna Pranami Jan Kalyan Ashram
Ph.: 06243-23010,23345

15. Hissar :

Shree Krishna Pranami Satsang Bhavan
155, Prem Nagar,
Ph.: 01669-32876

16. Rohtak :

Shree Krishna Pranami Satsang Bhavan
Opp.Services Club, Civil Road,
Ph.: 01262-47812

17. Adampur :

Shree Krishna Pranami Public School and Satsang Bhavan
Ph.: 01669-43209

18. Hansi :

Shree Krishna Pranami Public School and Satsang Bhavan
Ph.: 01663-53349

19. Siwani :

Shree Krishna Pranami Public School
Ph.: 01255-77522

20. Vishakhapatnam :

Shree Krishna Pranami Free Polio Physiotheraphy Center
14-3-18, Amtoni Nagar, Vishakhapatnam (AP)