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Shri Tahal Kishore Shastriji,
Bhadravatipuri Dham, Bharoda



Shri Shastriji has acquired and was blessed with the religious knowledge of "devotion to Shri Krishna" at an early age as a child from the famous, social worker cum divine saint Shri 108 Shri Mangaldasji Maharaj of Bengal. He has taken his primary education from the renowned Shri Prannath Brahmacharyashram which is known for its inspirational support for cultural and moral values. After receiving the highest education in Sanskrit from the world known Dr. Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwa Vidhyalaya, he completed learning the "Darshan Shastra" with distinction from Agra University, Agra. Presently, he is working towards completing his Ph.D. from Saurashtra University, Rajkot.
Although Shri Shastriji has spent his childhood amidst the natural beauties of the Himalayas with a simple life, his main activity and purpose of life is to awaken the souls of people by spreading the message of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha nationally and internationally. Despite the prevalent practices based on differences in color and caste, he has impatiently and indifferently devoted his life in the upliftment of society as a whole to end inhuman practices. By making him available in all different sorts of services to human beings such as: providing food, clothes, education, health, and shelter to those who need it; he has created a very unique identity for himself in the minds of people. He has made a goal for himself to serve the needy in small villages. Even though he has relatives, he has devoted himself in the service of people. He is currently residing and working as the Acharya of the pious place of pilgrimage, in Bhadravatipuri Dham (Bharoda) which is located in the district of Kheda, in the state of Gujarat. There is a medical center and a primary education center for the poor in this town which run based on charities and extended support provided by him.
Future programs: 
Health camps in villages, literacy campaigns, education for the elderly, upliftment of the poor, emancipation of women, forming institutions for education, preservation of India's cultural heritage and preservation of ancient invaluable literature etc. are some of his many future plans.