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Shri Suryanarayandasji Maharaj


Suryanarayandasji_2011Shri Suryanarayandasji was born in a small village called Kanholi which is in the Madhuvani district of Bihar.  He is the son of Shri Chaudhari Mahanto and Smt. Rampari Devi.  Since his mother was a Pranami, child Suryanarayan inherited the pranami culture naturally.  He adopted Shri Tartam Mantra from Mahant Shri Rajkishoredasji at a very tender age.  After reading the book “Kirtan Kunj” which was given to him by Nandkishoredasji, child Suryanarayan got deeply interested in knowing what a saint life was all about.  He started to ask various questions to his Guru Nandkishoredasji and showed interest in moving with him.  Since Suryanaryan’s parents were religious, he did not have any problems in getting their permission in leaving with his Guru.  Suryanarayan was only nine years old at that time.  With the blessings of his Guru, he renounced the world at an age of ten.

After he completed his intermediate education while staying with his Guru, he was sent to Shri 5 Nautanpuri Dham, Jamnagar to learn “Shri Mukhvani” and “Shri Bitak Saheb” – the pranami literature and the life story of Shri Prannathji.  He learned Shri Bitak from Lakshmidasji Maharaj.  Then Shri Nandkishoredasji came to Jamnagar to attend the 300th anniversary celebrations.  He took him to Shri 5 Mahamangalpuri Dham, Surat.  Here he got teachings from Shri 108 Thakurdasji Maharaj on Shri Mukhvani from Raas Kitaab to Kirantan.  At the same time he started learning the Sanskrit literature from Pandit Dhani Dutt Za.  After finishing his studies, he moved to 5 Padmavatipuri Dham, Panna.  He learned about Vani from Pandit Dhanidasji and pujari Pannalalji Gudawala.  Besides this, he learned “Viraat Pat” and “Paramdham Charchani” from Paramhans Shri Dayaldasji Maharaj.  After completing his training, Shri Suryanarayandasji started to visit different parts of the county and came across meeting many a literate of various religions and sects.  He moved to the holy city of knowledge – Varanasi in 1988.  There he received M. A. in grammar and history from the renowned Dr. Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidhyalaya.  Currently he is working towards getting his Ph.D. from the Banaras Hindi University.