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The Twelve Commandments for a Pranami


  1. To believe that Shri Krishna, The Supreme Lord Akshratit is the object of worship and the path is that of total love for him.

  2. To recite the sacred Tartam along with the name of the eternal couple, Raj Shyama.

  3. To accept Nijanand Satguru Shri Devchandra and Mahamati Prannath as true guides and to follow their teachings.

  4. To accept Shri Tartamvani - Kulzam Swaroop as the book of Reverence.

  5. To believe that Aksratit Dham - the Eternal Abode, which is beyond the Kshar and the Akshar is the only aim of the Soul to be achieved.

  6. To accept Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Bhagwat, The Vedas, The Upanishadas, and all the other sacred books as testimony for spiritual matters.

  7. To give equal respect to all religions, sects, prophets, and their teachings.

  8. To keep away from the difference of high and low, caste, color or creed.

  9. To follow the path of non-violence and feel compassion for the living beings.

  10. To make an honest living, avoid intoxicants, carnal desires, and eat vegetarian diet.

  11. To accept Navtanpuri - Jamnagar, Mangalpuri - Surat, Padmavatipuri - Panna as the chief centers of pilgrimage.

  12. To greet each other with Pranam.

References: Priyacharya, M. (1992). Daily Prayer. Arora, R. (ed.).
Shri Prannath Mission, New Delhi, India.