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The Pranami System


Shyama, the blissful form of the Absolute Brahmn is our Satguru

Our relation in the world is through the Akshar

The Supreme Lord is beyond the Akshar

He is Shri Raj ji, the blissful, unique, and a living being life source.

We worship the Supreme Lord

Our gotra is Chidanand

Shyamaji, in His eternal youth is our favorite deity

Our worship to the Lord is like that of a faithful wife.

We recite the name of the divine couple, Raj and Shyama

Our mantra is Tartam

Spiritual knowledge is our goddess

Nautanpuri is our pilgrimage.

One hundred eight pakshas are the branches

Gaulok is our place of stay

The service of the feet of the Lord is our area of work

By doing this all our woes are destroyed.

The eternal Vrindavan is the place for our joy and delight

Our rishi is Mahavishnu

The knowledge of the self i.e. Tartam is our Veda

The river Yamauna is our pilgrimage.

We listen to the Shri Bhagwat with attention

With awakened mind we receive spiritual knowledge

The basis of our eternal joy is our relation with Shyama

Enjoying the bounties of the Abode is our award.

Our abode is the divine Abode of the Lord

We live in the Home of the Akshrateet

Our cult is called by the name of Nijanand

This is the reply to your querries.

Shri Devchandra, the Satguru is the form of Nijanand

He brought this sect into being

We knew this fact from him

And this enabled us to reach the Abode.


References: Priyacharya, M. (1992). Daily Prayer. Arora, R. (ed.).
Shri Prannath Mission, New Delhi, India.