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Meher Sagar


Aur sAgar jo meher kA, so shobhA atee let |
lehereM AveM meher sAgar, khubee sukh samet ||1

This ocean of Grace is full of radiance. Shri rajji's ocean of grace [meher sagar] is full of excessive splendour. The waves of immense bliss and profound happiness rise from it incessantly.[1]

hukum meher ke hAth mein, jos meher ke aNg |
isak Ave meher se, besak ilam teen saNg ||2

Shri Rajji's command behest is also subject to HIS Grace and ardour, The intense longing to attain HIM is a part of HIS Grace. The spiritual true knowledge beyond doubts follows is a parcel of it. Grace is the source of love for the lord and with that love the spiritual - tartam - knowledge i.e. Beshak Ilam, is attained automatically which clears all sorts of doubts[2]

puree meher jit hak kee, tit aur kahA chAhita |
hak meher tit hota hai, jit asal hai neesabat ||3

One who is blessed with HIS Grace does he need anything ? What would be lacking there where the kind Lord has shown His full grace? What other things would be needed there? But the grace of lord is bestowed upon him only who has got fundamental eternal relation with him[3]

meher hota abbala se, ita hee hota hukum |
jalus sAth sab teenake, kaChu kamee na karat khasama ||4

From the very beginning , Grace of Lord is showered upon HIS celestial soul endlessly. From His Grace issues forth HIS WILL. Procession of people will follow him and Lord fulfils with all
the bounties.the lovable lord does not let any of his requirements remain unfulfilled.[4]

ye khel huA mehera vAsate, mAheM khelAveM sab meher |
jAtheM mehera judee huee, taba hota sab jeher ||5

This universe has come into existence only to manifest the Boundless grace of the eternal Lord Shri Rajji. It is this grace which makes everyone play the part in the game of this universe. As soon as the grace of the Lord is withdrawn everything becomes bitter like poison for the person who enjoyed the grace.[5]

doU meher dekhat khelameM, lok dekheM uparakA jahur |
jAye andar mehera kaChu naheeM, Akhar hotA hakase dUr ||6

In the game of the world the happiness of the grace of the Lord is experienced inside and outside both, but a large number of persons keep their eyes to the outside physical happiness. The grace does not enter within such persons and consequently they remain away from the vicinity of the Lord.[6]

meher soee jo bAtunee, jo meher bAhar aur mAheM |
Akhar lag taraph dhanee kee kamee kaChu Avat nAheN ||7

The true Grace of Lord is that which is not worldly. The Grace of Lord is felt deep inside and also it reflects the outer self. The Grace of Lord which brings a self nearer to HIM, which brings happiness within and also without. In the end the soul is directed towards Lord and he has nothing to aspire for.[7]

meher hot hai jeen upar meher dekhat pAMcho tattva |
peeMDa brahmAnDa sab meher ke, meher ke beech basat ||8

Those who are blessed with the grace of Lord have a brilliant glimpse of the Lord's grace in all the five elements.The individual and the cosmos all are formed by that grace.not only this,all of this is saturated and active in the lord?s grace itself The individaul and the universe is part of HIS Grace and the soul sees nothing but the Grace[8]

dukh rupee in jeemee meM, dukha nA kAhuN dekhat |
bAt baDee hai meher kee,jo dukha meiN sukh levat ||9

Those who are blessed with the grace of the lord do not feel pain in this world full of sufferings and distress; or it is the great characteristic of the grace that one experiences joy even in pain.[9]

sukhameiN to sukha dAyam, par svAd nA AvAt Upar |
dukha Aye sukha Avat, so meher kholat najar ||10

There is eternal joy in the Kingdom of Lord but the soul is unable to experience it.When Pleasure is followed by pain one is awakened with HIS grace and values the joy and bliss. In the happiness enjoyment is naturally there,still its experience does not give any taste. But with Lord?s grace pleasure gives special taste after the experience of pain.[10]

in dukha ke jeemee meiN baiThake, meher dekhen dukha dUr |
kAyam sukh jo hak ke, so meher kArat hajur ||11
In this world of misery, its the Grace which shall give relief. Also bestows the eternal bliss of the Lord supreme.

mai dekhyA deel beechArake, isaka haka kA jit |
isaka meher se AeeyA, awwala meher hai tit ||12

Mahamati Shri Prannathiji says that while thinking deeply from the inner heart about Rajji?s love. I saw that the divine love springs from His grace itsef and even in its source grace is there.[12]

apanA ilam jit det hai, so bhee meher se besak |
meher sab vidh Avat, jit josh hukum meher haka ||13

Self Knowledge and the knowledge of HIMSELF which is absolute. Derives from HIS GRACE. Lord's will and inspiration and Lord Himself derives to the soul praised by the GRACE. To whomsoever Shri Rajji Maharaj grants His wisdom ?Tartam knowledge he does it undoubtedly through His grace. Lord?s grace only brings all the things.

jAko leta hai meher meiN, tAye pehele mehere banAve vajud |
guN aNg indree meher kee, ruh mehere phukat mAheN bund ||14

Whom the Lord wants to embrace in His grace first, He makes his body fit for it and also the qualities and he makes him His favourite and afterwards He lets the drop of grace enter into his soul along with the qualities, body and senses.[14]

meher siMhAsana baiThake, or meher chaMvara seer Chatra |
sohabat senA meherakee, deel Ahe meher vAjantra ||15
Such a fully graced person sits on the throne of grace and over his head is a royal umbrella of grace and a whisk of grace swings there. All around him walks an army playing pleasing musical instruments of grace. [It means he enjoys the life drenched with that grace.] [15]

bolee bolAve meher kee aur meher kA chalan |
rAta deena dou meher meiN, hoye meher milAwA ruhan ||16

His words [speech] and his walks are also full of grace. Night and day he remains infatuated in grace and his soul is blessed with the company of the celestial souls by the grace of the Lord. [16]

bandagee jee kar meher kee, Ae meher hak hukam |
ruheiN baiThee meher ChhAyA meene, peeye meher ras ishak ilam ||17

Prayer, worship, hymns and Shri Rajji?s command all are the focus of grace. Celestial souls enjoy the taste of love and the nectar of knowledge [Tartam] sitting under the shadow of the Lord?s grace. [17]

jeet meher tit sab hai, meher Awwala lag Akhar |
sohobat mehere devaheeN, kahuN meher seephat kyoNkar ||18

Were there is grace there is everything. Where grace is there it remains pervading from beginning to end. It is grace which only provides good company. In which words should I praise such a grace? [18]

yah jo dareeyA meher kA, bAtun jAheer dekhat |
sab sukh dekhat tahAn, meher jit basat ||19

In this ocean of grace both the kinds of happiness-direct and indirect-are received where grace pervades, all the kinds of happiness are bound to be there.[19]

beech nAbud duneeyeke,Aee meher hak kheelavat |
teenase sab kAyam hue, meherai kee barakat ||20

The Lord's grace descends down from the eternal abode in this perishable world. By the blessing of this grace all the living beings become liberated] getting full advantage of that grace all the types of happiness become eternal.[20]
baranan karun kyo meher kee, siphat naheen pahucHat |
ye meher hak kee bAtunee, najar mAheN basat ||21

How should I describe Lord's grace? Words do not reach or are not enough to reach His splendour.. This grace is Lord's inmost being and this resides in his divine vision.[21]

ye meher karAt sab jAheer, sab kA matA taulat |  
jo keena kAno nA sunyA, so meher magaj kholat ||22
Lord's grace manifests everything (makes all the mysteries clear) and evaluates all the sects (meaning of scriptures). What has not been heared by ears so far has been revealed with all the hidden meanings by the grace.[22]

baranan karun kyo meher kee, jo basat hak ke deel |
jAko deel meM let haiM, jahAn AvAt nyAmAt saba meel ||23

How should I describe the grace residing n the heart of the Lord? Whomsoever the lord accepts in that heart he is blessed with all the things of that graceful heart.[23]

baranan karun kyo meher kee, jo basat mAnheN hak |
jAko neevAjen meher meM tAy det Ap mAphak ||24

How can I describe hat grace which resides in he lord's heart? He gives away everything as himself to those whom He drowns under his grace.[24]

bAta baDee hai meher kee, jeeta meher teeta sab |
neemesh nA ChoDe najar se in upar, kahA kahu ab ||25

The lord's grace is undescribable and uncomparable. Where thre is grace everything is available there. Whom He has blessed with his grace, He des not let him be awy from his sight even for a fraction of a second. What more can be said about this?[25]

jahA Ap tahA najar, jahA najar tahA meher |
meher beenA aur jo kaChu, so sab lage jeher ||26

Where the Lord is there his divine gaze is there and where that gaze falls the grace pervades and nothing except grace remains there. It means whatever the wordly or ivine thing is there without the Lord's grace it looks like poison.[26]

bAt baDee hai meher kee, meher hoye nA beenA aNkUr |
aNkUr soee hak neesabatee, mAhe basat tajallA nUr ||27

Peculiar is the qualty of grace.Grace can take its growth only where there is capibility for that. Such a capibility is possible only with them who has original relations with God and such originally related favourite celestial souls dwell in the eternal abode of Shri Rajji's lustrous land.[27]

jyo meher tyo josh hai, jyo josh tyo hukam |
meher rahat nUr bala leeye, tahAn hak isak ilam ||28

As is the Lord's grace so is his zeal; as is the zeal so is his command. The grace assumes the lustre of Tartam and so it includes Lord's love and knowledge also.[28]

miThA sukh meher sAgar, meher meiN hak AarAm |
meher isak hak aMg hai, meher isak prem kAm ||29

The ocean of grace is very pleasant. In fact it provides real tranquility and comforts. Grace and affection are parts of Lord's physique, Grace itself is love and it is through love that a devotee gets his inner desire of reaching the dear lord fulfilled.[29]

kAm baDe in meher ke, ye meher in haka |
meher hota hai jeen upar, tAye det Aap mAphak ||30

The working field of grace is greatly pervasive, because it flows from the Lord Himself. On whom this grace is bestowed, he gains the glory, ability and strength like the Lord.[30]

mehere khel banAiyA, vAste meher momeen |  
mehere milAvA huA, aur mehere pheerastana ||31

Lord?s grace has initiated the wordly game and it is done because of the grace on celestialssouls. It is due to grace that the souls reach their original abode and the Lord?s creationhas become fortunate to witness the game even. [31]

mehereM rasUl hoy AiyA, mehereM hak leeye phurmAn |  
kunjee lyAye meher kee; karee meheren kee pehechAn ||32
Because of the grace of the Lord Rasool came into this world as His messenger. With his grace he brought the message. He also brought the key of grace.By that key the door of the darkness of ignorance was opened and the souls recognized the eternal and immortal Lord.[32]

dei meheren kunjee eemAm ko, teeno mahammad surat |
meher daee hikamat, karee meheren jAher hakeekat ||33

By the grace of Shri Rajji the key of tartam was handed over to the imam (Shri Prannathji) Shri Prannathji enshrined in himsef the three formas and came to the world as guiding force of the Lord's grace. Grace gave all the three wonderful powers to unravel and manifest the mystery of the facts of the lord's eternal Abode. [33]

so phurmAn meheren kholeeyA, karee jAher meheren Akhrat |
mehere samajhe momeen, karee mehere jAher kheelavat ||34

Unravelling the mystery of Lord's message opened the gate of salvation. The celestial souls will nderstand the mystery by grace and it, thus, opened the gate of the eternal Abode. [34]

eh meher momino par, yehi khAsal khAs umat |
dai mehere bhista saban ko, so meher momeeno barakat ||35

Lord's grace is shown on celestial souls because they are the special group of His created universe. Because of grace itself all others have attained the bliss of the Abode of eternal salvation but this has been easily available because of the blessings of grace bestowed upon the celestial souls. [35]

mehere khel dekhyA momeeno, mehere Aye tale kadam |
mehere kyAmat karake, meheren haNsake mile khasam ||36

The celestial souls witnessed the play and then returning from the world they again reached near their dear Lord by His grace. It is grace which did smiling by arranged their (celestial souls's) meeitng with their Lord by making Qyamat (to present oneself before the Lord after death.) [36]

meher kee baateY to kahuN, jo meher ko hove pAr |
mehere haka nyAmat saba mApee, mehere meher ko nahiN sumAr ||37

I can describe Lord's grace only if I can fathom its greatness. Lord's divine wealth might be measured by grace but the waves of grace themselves blowing in the ocean of grace are not measurable.[37]

jo meher ThADee rahe, to meher mApee jAye |
meher pal meiN baDe koTa gunee, so kyoN mehere meher mapAye ||38

If grace remains stable even for a moment then only can it be measured but this grace increases million times every moment. How can, therefore, the receiver of grace can measure the grace itself ? [38]

mehere dil aras kiyA, dil momino meher sAgar|
haka meher le baiThe dilameY, dekho momeeno meher kAdar||39

Grace mede the hearts of the celastial souls His Abode and so the ocean of grace started waving in their hearts. Grace enshrined the Lord Himself in the hearts. Grace Sunder Sath ! See the kindness of the kind ! [39]

bAt baDee hai meher kee, haka ke dil kA pyAr |
so jAne dil haka kA, yA meher jAne meher ko sumAr ||40

The importance of grace is great. It is the expression of the love of the Lord's heart Only His heart can know it or grace itself can fathom itself. [40]

jo ek vachan kahuN meher kA, le meher samajhiyo soye |
apAr umar apAr jubAYen, meher ko hisAb na hoye ||41

If I utter a word about the grace of the Lord only he, who is blessed with His grace, can understand it correctly. Even with endless ages and countless tongues accounting of grace is not possible. [41]

nipaTa sAgar baDA AThamA, e meher ko neeke jAn |
jo meher hoy tujh upar, to meher kee hoye pehechAn || 42

This eigth ocean (the ocean of grace) is very great and know this grace correctly. In fact, if you are blessed with the grace of the Lord then only you can recognise the grace completely. [42]

saat sAgar baranan kiye, sAgar AThamo binA hisAb |
e meher ko pAr na Avaheen, jo kai koT karun kitAb ||43

Mahamati says that I have described the seven oceans (of the Lord) but the eighth ocean is boundless. Even if I write millions of books the greatness of this grace cannot describe. [43]

e meher momin jAnaheen, jin upar hai meher |
tAko haka kee meher beenA, aur dekhe saba jeher ||44

Really speaking, only those divine souls know about it on whom His grace is bestowed. For them without Lord?s grace everything is like poison. [44]

ShRi mahAmatee kahey e momino, ye meher baDA sAgar |
so meher haka kadamoN tale, piyo amiras haka najar ||45

Mahamati Prannathji says? O celestial souls! this ocean of grace is very vast. Only by sitting at the feet of the Lord you can receive His grace and drink the nectar of His grace oozing incessantly from His eyes. [45]